UK Teaching -A Book List for Primary Schools :(

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Sigh is all I really felt when reading this  news story on the BBC. It details plans by Michael Gove, our Education Secretary, to provide Primary Schools with an approved list of authors and books that children must study. This article in The Guardian gives arguments against the plan and  it is this quote that really sums it up for me,

“The current children’s laureate, Anthony Browne, said then: “It’s always good to hear that the importance of children’s reading is recognised – but rather than setting an arbitrary number of books that children ought to read, I feel it’s the quality of children’s reading experiences that really matter. Pleasure, engagement and enjoyment of books is what counts – not simply meeting targets.””

I know that there is a lot of debate being generated on Twitter at the moment with many people dismayed at this news. What is your opinion of Gove and his list? If you have any blog posts or articles that you wish you me to add to this blog post please feel free to leave a comment.


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4 thoughts on “UK Teaching -A Book List for Primary Schools :(

  1. Nymeth

    Browne is spot on, I think. I also love what Alan Gibbons said about trusting librarians and teachers to recommend books suited to each students’ background and interests. Sadly an “official” reading list would do away with that :\

    1. bakingteacher Post author

      Thanks so much for your comment. I think the Gibbons point you mentioned is so key, allowing teachers who know their children to choose books that will fit in with personalities, interests etc. I really hope the reading list is not implemented.

      bakingteacher/Miss Dotty

  2. Betty Londergan

    Wow .. first of all, thanks for subscribing to Heifer 12×12 — I always consider it a major achievement when a UK reader signs on since ALL my smartest friends are British! Second, in response to your post — as the mother of a non-reader (and I LIVE to read) , my heart always dropped when I got the reading assignments for the summer. Instead of giving kids something they’d actually LIKE it was like a campaign to make reading seem as onerous and uncomfortable as possible. Kids now need to be lured into reading — and that is not as hard as it sounds. Get them hooked on something they LIKE and it’ll be 100 times easier to get them to plow through something difficult or out of their comfort zone!

    Cheers, B

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thank you so much for your reply Betty, it had completely passed me by so I apologise for the delay! I have really enjoyed your blog updates. It is so sad to hear about the reading assignments for summer that your child has got, I hope they manage to read some things that they enjoy too!


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