Half Term Happenings! To Do Lists, decluttering and of course books and baking.`

A great building in San Francisco which is where I would much rather be this holiday.

However I am not so…


back to reality! As much as I love teaching it is nice that it is half term this week. However I have got lots to achieve this week so I thought a little half term ‘To Do’ list would help me keep on track. Then, next weekend you lovely lot can hold me to account if anything is not done!
School Related

1) Reports- I want everything but my ICT finished by the time I go back to school (how many teachers have this on their list this holiday?)

2) General planning and marking. Yes I know it’s cheating having it as one item but it’s my list!

3) Start making the book orders for restocking our library.

4) Start thinking about my topics and themes for next year.

5) SPARE- there is bound to be something I forget!


Other adventures

6) Finish the cross stitch that has been in progress since the Easter holidays.

7) READ!! (As if this even needs to be on the list!)

8) Cook scrumptious dinners and do lots of baking.

9) Read. (Sorry had to slip this in twice)

10) Declutter. Yes the dreaded ‘D’ word. I don’t know whether it is because I am a teacher or whether it is a family trait but I have a lot of stuff. So today marks the start of my decluttering year! Each day I am going to declutter one thing from our house, recycling and being good for the environment obviously!


Do you live by lists like me? If you are a teacher have you managed to keep your ‘To Do’ list short this holiday? And anyone want to join me in the great decluttering challenge? Go on, you know you want to!


4 thoughts on “Half Term Happenings! To Do Lists, decluttering and of course books and baking.`

  1. jenyjenny

    I would love to go to San Francisco again, but sigh, that won’t be happening. For us it is Memorial Day weekend; do you also celebrate that holiday? We are going to the beach at St. Augustine after church today, so the only thing I’ll be decluttering is one of my bureau drawers so i can find my swim suit. Hope you have a successful decluttering!

    1. bakingteacher Post author

      San Francisco is just so wonderful! Here it is a Bank Holiday so most people will have Monday off but for me I also have half term as well. The beach sounds wonderful, here in Cambridge it is a bit chilly and overcast. Good luck finding your swim suit and yes I will need the luck for the decluttering!

  2. devoil

    I’m doing some reports as well. Just a couple a day as I am determined to actually have a holiday. I need to get my head around what I have got to do in the next four weeks for my MaST course as well.
    Then on Tuesday we’re flying to Malta. Have never been so quite excited. Looking to visiting Mdina and seeing where they filmed Game of Thrones and enjoying the sunshine. Shan’t be taking any reports with me!!!!


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