Laughs in the Park- 24th July

A month or two ago we got a lovely phone call from our friend Dan who asked whether Mr BakingTeacher and I wanted to go to a comedy festival called Laughs in the Park. When we heard the acts were Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble and Tommy Tiernan we immediately said yes. We have loved both Eddie Izzard and Ross Noble for years and had recently seen Tommy Tiernan on TV. Then I found out it would be the first weekend of my holidays I thought a double yes! It would be nice to have an event to signal the start of the summer holidays (even if I was going to be in school the next day for meetings) so we asked them to book tickets.

(I apologise for the pictures, they were taken on my phone so aren’t as sleek as I would have wished!)

Image Taken From Here

It was a gloriously hot and sunny day when we arrived in St Albans and in my wisdom I was carrying a shawl, cardigan and jacket for when it got chilly in the evening. However for once in my life I didn’t suffer from extreme cold and ended up lugging them around all day. Once we entered the festival area gorgeous smells teased and tempted me. There were loads of little food stalls and vans and I wish I could have sampled the lot!

This is the one I was particularly tempted by but no one else was so I followed the herd and went for Mexican. Normally I like love Mexican food but it was just a little too messy to be eaten gracefully sitting on grass. I also had a mint choc milkshake that, if I am truthful, just tasted of milk with a little bit of chocolate in it.

Jarred Christmas

Anyway onto the comedy! We got there early enough to go to the BBC Presents stage. Here a variety of comedians were performing before the headlining acts. The compere was Jarred Christmas and he was great, the best out of the BBC presents acts. I also enjoyed Kerry Godliman but the others were a mixture of ok and…well let’s put it this way, I went to have a wander and get a drink during one act.

After an hours break we were on to the main bit! Whilst people were taking their seats Eddie Izzard and Ross Noble were on stage doing a little double act, it was great fun to listen to them just chat away. The whole evening was fantastic and all three performed brilliantly. We had seen Eddie Izzard before on a tour so it was nice to see him again. Ross Noble has always been a BakingTeacher family favourite and we were so pleased to see him live, although next time we want to see him do a whole show. Tommy Tiernan is a new comedian to us, we had only seen him the once but I really enjoyed the act. However I will never be able to listen to the nursery rhyme ‘Three Little Kittens’ again in the same way.

The final event was a great fireworks display to round the evening off!

Our initial seats. Quite far away so the big screens helped!

Eddie Izzard comes on stage!



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