Eating Out: The Geldart, Cambridge

Just a quick post about a meal we went out for last night. Mr BakingTeacher and I met up with a couple of friends for a catch up meal and a chat. We decided to go to The Geldart, somewhere I had yet to sample. The pub was not what I was expecting (I don’t really know what I expected to be honest!) but had a lovely, relaxed feel. The staff were very happy and we spent a lovely time looking at all the art work and photographs on the wall. They also had a little book swap area which obviously adds a billion plus points for me!

The Geldart is known for its variety of meats and on offer the night we went was kangaroo, crocodile, giraffe sausage and bison (apologies tonon meat-eaters). I went with ostrich although Mr BT went with the croc and ‘roo plate.

I had a little nibble and found it very tasty. The ostrich was lovely and definitely something I would have again. With the ‘On the rock’ choice you get to choose two sides so I chose handcut chips and roasted vegetables, both sizeable portions. However with a starter of herb infused oil and balsamic vinegar with ciabatta I felt full quite quickly. However this didn’t stop us having pudding. Normally I am a real chocolate fiend but after the meal I wanted something lighter so I went with the Raspberry and White chocolate mousse. This was very light and airy as well as being delicious.


All in all a great night- great food and super company. Fantastic!



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