Anglesey Abbey- A Wartime Effort

I am proud to say I am a fully paid up National Trust member and love exploring new (and familiar places). Anglesey Abbey is just down the road and like Wimpole I love just going for a wander around the gardens. This weekend Anglesey had a second world war theme with people in 1940s clothes, demonstrations and artefacts to look at. It was a glorious, bright and sunny day and I had a lovely time just wandering around and chatting to people. Sadly I missed the Lindy Hop demonstration which would have been great to see! Below are a selection of pictures from my day, I have added them all to my Flickr account and will add a link when they are done uploading.

One of my new 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days will be to visit new National Trust places so which ones around the country do you recommend? Please share!



An old address book. I am a sucker for old notebooks.

I love this, wartime music with a modern touch!


Imagine journaling at this desk. Lovely!

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4 thoughts on “Anglesey Abbey- A Wartime Effort

  1. Clare

    Hello Bakingteacher,
    You’ve probably already been but I love the gardens at Ickworth, they are well worth a visit.
    Looks like a lovely day out.


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