Tea Party Fairy Cake

I had some leftover raspberries so I found this recipe for Tea Party Fairy Cakes on the Channel 4 Food Pages. The actual cake itself is light and delicious but the I found the raspberry icing a little sharp but that could just be my personal taste!

Let me know if you bake these! Or do you have a particular recipe for Fairy Cakes that you would recommend?


  Other Recommendations-

@AliB68 recommends this chocolate cake from Mary Berry.


7 thoughts on “Tea Party Fairy Cake

  1. bakingteacher Post author

    Clare- just off to have a look at that recipe now! Finding a good sponge base is hard I have found, I too hate them oily as well!

    Choclette- thanks! As long as they tasted fine that is the main thing 😉

  2. bakingaddict

    I remember making these years ago as he has the same recipe in his book. I tried the fruit and chocolate icings. They tasted good and I’m sure everyone enjoyed them but may have to try them again to refresh my memory!


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