A catch up


I have missed the blogging world! This a quick update to say hello! The past few weeks have been spent driving around the country looking for a house for mum and a car for me. Mum doesn’t drive so I have been taxi driver and with no car it has meant borrowing the car of Mr BakingTeacher. Thanks lovely! This weekend has been a success. Yesterday I found a new Micra (not perfect but that is for another blog post!) and today mum found a house, put an offer in and got it accepted. So life should hopefully slow down a little now!

I hope everyone is well!



9 thoughts on “A catch up

  1. kellieanderson

    Hope life will settle down for you soon. Get that gauge sorted! Waiting with bated breath for your next recipe…. I recently posted a peach, honey & lavender tart but something gooey from you would be welcome!

  2. bakingteacher Post author

    lol Kellie I will do, the problem is I keep forgetting to take pictures when I make something! I will do better though:) Made some gorgeous chocolate truffles the other day but Mr BakingTeacher finished them off before I could photograph!

  3. kellie@foodtoglow

    I do exactly the same thing. Or I make something up and forget to write it all down. Looking at photos and trying to rack my brain is a new hobby of mine. Sounds like we are peas in a pod. Have a sunny weekend! And post the truffles – pix or not.


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