Beware the Tiger!


Gorgeous. Huge. Dangerous.


This was taken yesterday on a trip to Shepreth Wildlife Park which is located between Cambridge and Royston. It was my first visit and I dragged my visiting mum along as well! We spent a nice few hours ambling around taking pictures, eating ice-cream and avoiding wasps. Well the last part was mum and the second part was me. Not a good combination! Shepreth was a nice place to visit and it seems to cater well for children with a large playhouse and other play equipment dotted around. All the kids seemed to be having a blast and mum asked me how I coped with that every day in the classroom! Luckily in the classroom we don’t have a giant slide and swings whilst doing our Big Write. Or maybe that should be unluckily….

Anyway my favourite part was the Nocturnal area with free flying bats. I love bats and to have them swooping right by your ear was amazing! Here are a few more selected pictures from the day.

Have you been anywhere new this summer? What summer fun have you been having? I would love to hear from you!


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