Gardens, Zombies and Dots

Today was the first weekend of the Easter holidays and now, at 8.27pm on Sunday evening, I finally feel relaxed. After what feels like weeks, even months of being constantly on the go for school, I feel like the normal Miss Dotty. The one who has a life. To mark the occasion it has been a weekend of activity! Friday night was spent at the wedding reception of a lovely colleague of Mr Dotty. It was here I realised I may not be like many women when I spent the evening imagining it as the setting of a zombie novel and getting ideas for my next story. Saturday afternoon was spent in the company of two good university friends, K and H, who I don’t see often enough. I also finally got to know H’s two gorgeous kids and will forever remember the day being punctuated by ‘cheese’ as they clamoured for us to take pictures of them. A wander around Spitalfields Market set off a deep urge to spend some time living in London and I fell in love with a dotty dress. Me falling in love with something dotty? Never! Returning to Cambridge meant a lovely evening at home with Mr Dotty and our two friends R and P. Such a chilled out evening, listening to music, chatting and trying to make my laptop play the new zombie game we downloaded. I was defeated and had to satisfy myself with blogs and twitter whilst the others played. Oh yes, rock and roll!
Today we had dabbled with the idea of going into London again to The Chocolate Festival and do some touristy things but in the end we stayed in Cambridge and went to the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens. Rather shamefully, although residents of Cambridge for a few years now, we hadn’t visited before and I am so glad we did. The sun was shining, my camera battery was charged and we spent a glorious few hours wandering around. As well as being able to explore more of Cambridge it was also nice to be able to spend some time with Mr Dotty who has been working hard on his EngD for the past million years lately. It was lovely to just amble around, reminisce about our visit to the botanical gardens in San Francisco and just spend some time together.

After we had had our fill of picture taking and admiring the scenery we walked back into Cambridge and treated ourselves to an ice-cream in Benets.
The diet starts tomorrow.

I hope whatever you did this weekend it was great!

Miss Dotty


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