Owl Embroidery- speech bubble help


I am currently trying to finish this little fellow and am stuck on what to put in the speech bubble, anyone have any good ideas? Please leave a comment if you do!


6 thoughts on “Owl Embroidery- speech bubble help

  1. Ellen Boylin

    Hello Miss Dotty, can’t think of anything in particular for your little owl – who is very cute. Just wanted to say that we love your blog – our Creative Director used to live in Cambridge (which is one of my favourite cities in the UK). We’d love you to take a look at our blog if you get a spare minute – we can be found at fatfairyjewellery.blogspot.com
    Best wishes from Fat Fairy Jewellery!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks so much for the comment! Will definitely check out your blog! Cambridge is a great city to live in and it’s definitely one of my favourite places.

  2. Heather

    Hi I just followed you in Twiiter. Looking at this post….i adore Owls….hence the name of my blog…. I will have to think about a speech bubble for this fella! He us adorable Heather


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