Mail, lovely mail.

For those of you who have known me on twitter for a while I am a bit of a letter lover. A lovely blog post by Claire from claireabellemakes yesterday got me feeling excited to find fellow letter lovers. My love of letters started when I was a young girl and had penpals through primary school, and then secondary, and wrote regularly to my aunt. It continued into adulthood and got stronger when I went on a Domestic Sluttery letter writing event last year. Here we had a lovely set of workshops that cemented my love of letter writing. After that I increased the letters I sent by joining Postcrossing and Swap-Bot, particularly joining swaps that involved letters, postcards and journals! Later in the week I will give you a sneak peek at some of the lovely mail I have received as a result (Zombocalypse Notes anyone!) but I wanted to start by urging any mail lovers to check those two sites out. I will also share some of the top letter writing blogs I have found that are sure to inspire you to write a good old-fashioned letter!


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