Some Journaling Posts- A Summary

Wow what an exciting blog post title! Not. A few weeks ago I set up a separate journaling blog to focus on sharing journaling ideas. At first I was excited by it and I still am but I have made the decision to just keep everything on ‘The Education of Miss Dotty’. The blog will become more focused on paper crafts, journaling and letter writing. With a few other bits casually thrown in! So I am going to repost the journaling posts I made to consolidate everything into one.

Today- An introduction to journaling.



 I have kept a journal since I was little (probably more ‘today I ate sausages and played with my friends’ when I was young!) and now have a wonderful record of my life so far. I find my journal is vital in not only keeping a record of my world (I have a bad memory) but it also helps me celebrate, work out issues in life and reflect. I find it helps me notice recurrent themes and makes me more aware of how I truly feel about things. I journal in many forms including a ‘traditional’ journal, Smash Books, art journals and even a short lived trial of online journaling with Penzu! But my traditional journal is where I often end up.


Over the years I have accumulated a lot of books and resources about journal keeping and I know there are some lovely blogs and sites out there that talk about journal writing. Over the weeks I hope to showcase some of these, provide some prompts that may be useful and also try my hand at making my own journals and share what I have done here!


Journal writing is a very personal thing and one thing I learnt quite quickly is there are no rules. You do what is best for you, in the format you want and use it in any way you choose. All I know is that keeping is a journal is one of the best things I have ever done and I hope that when I am older I will have even more memories and reflections to look back on.


Thank you for reading! If you have any comments about journal keeping please post below. Do you keep journals or are you new to the idea and don’t know where to start? Have you tried before but never got far? Whatever your story I would love to hear from you.


Miss Dotty




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