Journaling- Choosing a New Journal


Deciding what journal to use is one of the biggest questions asked by new journal writers. However even people who have journaled for years will probably still have that as a core question when they finish their journal. Some people are lucky and have a favourite method for example Moleskine or an app on their phone. Me? Well I love to dabble. Over the years I have amassed a large collection of journals and they all vary in styles. I have lined and unlined, Moleskine and WHSmith basics, Filofaxes and index cards- I have tried them all! And I am happy with that. I hate to be constrained and as a stationery geek I am always on the lookout for a new journal. In fact I sometimes have several on the go! If you are new to journal writing it may take you a while to find your ‘thing’. And that’s ok! As I said in my opening post a journal is what you make of it. Browse Pinterest and you will find such an amazing range of journals, pure inspiration! Just don’t be afraid of making a mark in that brand new notebook. When I was younger I would buy ‘special’ notebooks and then leave them languishing in a drawer because they were too pretty to use. If I could go back in time now I would shake myself and make me use those gorgeous notebooks. If you are really stuck with what to write perhaps copy out a special poem or a quote, anything to get that first page written on.


Are you considering starting a journal? If so how are you going deciding on a new journal? Is it an issue for you or does it not matter what you use? If you have been a journaler for a while do you have a specific way of journaling? Any advice or things you would like to share?


Thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing all about your journal keeping!


4 thoughts on “Journaling- Choosing a New Journal

  1. taxdad

    Do you think journal keeping should be a separate activity to blogging? I like the idea of having something tangible but my handwriting is shocking so electronic media seems more appropriate. Maybe I will get the kids involved in scrapbook form.

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks for the comment! Personally yes I find them to be separate things although obviously there can sometimes be overlap and I know that for some bloggers they feel that their blog is their journal. For me I need that separate space to write things down. I think getting your kids involved would be fantastic, a few years ago I ran a journaling club with some children in my school and they loved it- one still journals now!

  2. josee

    I havent kept a journal in a very long time and it is weird just as I was thinking of starting again I received 2 new ones for xmas, should you start where you left off in your old journal or is it maybe best to start fresh with a brand new one

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Hi there! I am carrying on in my old journal but I know lots of people like the fresh start. Maybe if you haven’t written in your journal for a while a fresh start would be good. Let me know what you choose!


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