Pretty Purchases at The Made-It Market

Yesterday I took the very patient Mr Dotty into Cambridge for The Made-It Market which was taking place in the Guildhall. The website states that;

” The Made-it Market is a new type of craft fair based in the East of England, specialising in high quality handmade and home designed products. We began in February 2010 with just a handful of stall holders and have since grown to have a family of around 70 designer-makers from across Britain who exhibit, sell and network through our events.”

and I have to say it was a wonderful way to spend some time. Even Mr Dotty enjoyed it and we were both amazed by the quality and loveliness of everything we saw. I was dazzled by fabrics and jewellery but being the paper geek I am I stuck to paper related items (and coffee and cake obviously!). If you have a Made-It Market near you and you haven’t been yet I suggest you go! Ok so on to my pretty purchases!


The pencil roll will be great for mobile journaling once I have swapped the pencils for pens. I cannot for the life of me remember which stall this was from so if anyone recognises it please let me know! The stack of books card is from Nic Farell Illustration and is absolutely beautiful. I am afraid no one else is getting this, it is going in my smash book for me to stroke and everyone else to see when they go through it! It is the same with the bottom right card and yes I know I have a problem with both cards and book related items. Lastly the stamp bunting card. I would have missed this if it wasn’t for the lovely Claire from Claireabellemakes who pointed it out to me. As a snail mail lover I really wanted it for myself so I am afraid I asked Mr Dotty to get it for me for my birthday card from him. Naughty I know but needs must! The gent he is he agreed! This came from the lovely Jenny from Two Tone Green who sadly doesn’t seem to have a website but I have her phone number if anyone really wants their own! She had the most delightful selection of cards and I will be looking out for her at other crafty events around the area! Finally I got a lovely sewing kit from Clare from Boo’s Attic, a fellow @CamCityWI committee member. Not for the first time I wished I was a knitter so I could buy some of her lovely hand dyed yarns. Swoon!

So all in all it was a morning of swooning. I could have got a lot more but knowing later that day I would be paying to get my little sick car fixed I had to restrain myself! Have you got any craft goodies lately? Where did you get them? Please share!

Miss Dotty



7 thoughts on “Pretty Purchases at The Made-It Market

  1. Clair Hughes

    Hi Miss Dotty, I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I was glad to see you loved our pencil roll too! We are Fabric Fairies, please find us and like/follow us on Facebook and Twitter…….. Thank you for including us and we look forward to reading more from you.


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