Journal Your Christmas Day 1 (and when best laid plans go wrong)

Well yesterday was the 1st of December and the start of Journal your Christmas!


This little fella was the Christmas tree at school for our Christmas fair. I thought the day was going to be perfect starting off helping out on stalls, seeing the kids and then heading down to the Mill Road Winter Fair to enjoy a bit of Cambridge awesomeness. However the day did not go as planned and I woke up with a raging headache. With a smile glued to my face I went on a variety of stalls and then afterwards helped pack up however I was soon dripping in sweat and feeling like I was going to be sick so I made my apologies and left. As soon as I got home I was sick and spent the rest of the afternoon in bed barely able to open my eyes and cursing the fact that headaches exist. Unable to take tablets because they made me sick again I drank water and lay in the dark.

And that was my 1st December!

So it was evening by the time I could properly focus on the laptop screen to read Shimelle’s prompts which asked us to create a Christmas manifesto. I have decided to contain my JYC within my daily Smash Book so it can be a continuation of my every day life. Shimelle is great at saying how important it is to make your project what YOU want it to be and this is me at the moment, simple journaling with a smash book twist.



And finally because I promised in my last post here is a little picture of some of my stash I got on my shopping trip during the week!



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