A film, gratitude and my challenge.

Today my plans unexpectedly changed so I took my mum to the cinema. She has been staying with us over Christmas and as an end of holiday treat we decided to go and see The Impossible. Now before I proceed I have to tell you I am emotional person normally, I can cry at adverts so seeing something like this was bound to set me off. And yes I was the one sat in screen 2 with tears streaming down her face. I hold my hands up. The film told the story of just one family but my goodness it was heart wrenching. It made me so appreciative and full of gratitude. Just like Sandy Hook a few weeks ago it makes me want to grab my loved ones and hold on tight. It makes me remember the awesomeness of my job as a teacher despite the efforts of the government to derail those feelings. It makes me appreciate the wonderful people I know in real life and online. So today I am full of gratitude. Today I am full of emotion and today I got that reminder to make the most of life.

Lastly I wanted to share day 2 of my photo challenge, the prompt being something that makes me smile. I won’t be posting all of them on the blog, some will be done on Instagram but I will try and do a round up post on here to share. Today is a proper photo but it is still journal related! This is a photo of my new journal. I don’t normally start a new journal in a new year but this year I just needed a fresh start. So this made me have a sneaky smile because my goodness I do love stationery:)



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