The Mr turns 30, some music and WI news

Today the Mr turns 30, he is a few years behind me so it has been nice to see him arriving in the same decade as me! Unlike me he seems unphased by hitting the big 3-0!

To celebrate his birthday we went out last night with a group of friends and I had the most wonderful evening! We started off with a quick meal where it was nice to chat to people and catch up with life events. Then we hit The Elm Tree a new to me pub but absolutely lovely. I hate big loud pubs so this suited me completely and I loved the sight of a couple playing Trivial Pursuit on a table near us! I haven’t played that for years!

Elm Tree

Then we moved onto the main event of the night, CB2 for an event hosted by Acoustic Routes. I will be honest and say that folk/ bluegrass music is not usually my cup of tea but Mr Dotty has a varied taste in music and loves it. So off we trotted, some (me), more reluctantly than others and I have to say oh my goodness I was wrong. The three acts were amazing! The night kicked off with Bella McKendree who dazzled with her beautiful voice.

Bella Mc

She sang a mixture of her own material and some covers and each sounded beautiful. Secondly we had David Gibb and Elly Lucas who, if you follow me on Twitter will know, I fell in love with. Their songs were lovely and they had a great stage presence. I feel my descriptions don’t give any of these acts justice so please do check them out! I bought their CD ‘Old Chairs to Mend’ and have had it on all morning.

Gibb and Lucas

Lastly was an alternative bluegrass band called The Wagon Tales and again I was reluctant after hearing some of the stuff Mr Dotty plays but it was thoroughly enjoyable!

Wagon Tales

It made me actually look forward to the birthday present I have got Mr Dotty, tickets to go and see The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band! I think we both agreed that we are going to try and go to more of the Acoustic Routes nights as we enjoyed it so much!

We ended up in The Tram Depot for a final drink of the night, again a new to me pub but it seemed nice. Here we celebrated the Mr turning 30 at midnight and I left him and our friend S to celebrate a bit more whilst I ran through the streets of Cambridge looking for our friends to cadge a lift home. Yes RAN. I ran. I know I couldn’t believe it either. So thanks P and R for the lift:)

What did your Saturday night hold? Please tell me all about it!



p.s. On Wednesday CamCityWI hosted the wonderful Kandula Tea for a tea tasting session which was fab! The ladies who run Kandula Tea are lovely and even let me help out selling tea on the night. Thanks to our fab president Naomi for letting me have that job, I loved it! Instead of writing a full blog post I will direct you to the lovely Collette at Crafty Glitten for a full write up!

Kandula Tea


6 thoughts on “The Mr turns 30, some music and WI news

  1. knitnrun4sanity

    I am cross that I didn’t take more notice of (by that I mean be able to remember) you as you served me some tea and I do like to put a face to a name! Never mind. It sounds as if you had a great time – sill share the info with my hubby as he likes that sort of music. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. MissDotty Post author

      No problem I hope he likes them! And regarding your comment I feel the same about you, everyone I served I thought is this someone on Twitter? I was in black with glasses if that helps at all (probably not lol)


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