A Hamster Tale

I have a particular thing for hamsters. They are cute and cuddly and I have a weakness for sweet pictures of them on Pinterest. Yes I shamefully admit I have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. But please don’t leave my blog forever, apart from the hamster love I’m quite normal. Ish. So anyway adoring hamsters via the Internet is the only way I can go at the moment as our leasing agency want a £500 deposit for us to be able to have one. I don’t think so! So Internet pictures are the way to go. Lovely new online friends like @ohnorachio send me updates of their cute critters but still I pine! That is until our lovely friends P and R bought me a hamster calendar for Christmas! I tweeted about it and I had a few requests (I am looking at you @claireabellemakes and @ohnorachio) for a monthly blog post with the current hamster of the month.

So you can blame those two for this post!

So here is February hamster for your viewing pleasure!


What a cutie! So um yes there is a quick hamster tale for you!

Do you have any cute hamster pictures to share? Can you build hamster cages that can be disguised as something else when we have a house inspection? If so leave a comment below!

Note: I of course would never enlist the services of a disguised cage builder, ever. That would be naughty.


20 thoughts on “A Hamster Tale

  1. Anna

    Hamsters are such cheeky little chappies and chapesses! I used to have them as pets until I ‘graduated’ onto guinea pigs aged 10. At university I had a guinea pig and my friend had a hamster called Frank. Then I rescued another hamster from an evil person who was going to let theirs ‘run free’ post university and gave it to my new housemate. It (Marvin) used to escape every night and every morning my housemate’s dog would locate the little chap and gently return him home. Then there was the time as a kid we went to the dry cleaner’s to collect a coat of my dad’s and returned home with our own hamster too. We hadn’t realised he’d escaped, made a nest in the coat pocket and been on a little adventure… x

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Oh my goodness! I love that your housemate’s dog would return the little chap, how adorable! Yes the escape of the hamster/ gerbil is a memory of my childhood but luckily we always found them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michaela

    I can send you gerbil pics! I know they might not be the right kind of cute though 🙂 Hope you get the OK from the HT, if you ever needed a hamster-sitter I’m only round the corner. X

  3. Gayle

    Aww, £500?? Good grief. I would imagine a little one would be easy to hide 😉 we just got a silent spinner wheel and now the pen is right by my husband’s pillow and he doesn’t hear a thing!

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