A Dotty Trip to Bath- Tuesday and Wednesday

Since January Mr Dotty and I have celebrated his 30th, my *cough* birthday and ten wonderful years together. We were also celebrating the Mr finishing his doctorate after a few years of madness. So Mr Dotty booked us a few days in Bath and then a few days visiting his Nan in the Forest of Dean. It was our first trip away together for a long time and it was the most wonderful time. Days spent wandering around Bath, hand in hand meant I came back feeling the most relaxed I have felt in a long time. In fact we didn’t want to come home! I have been waiting ages to write this blog post so I hope I remember everything!



We left Tuesday afternoon and took turns in driving. Our first night was spent in a hotel just outside Bath called ‘The Old Mill Hotel’ which was a nice hotel on the banks of the river. We arrived in darkness but woke up in the morning to the view below.

Old Mill Hotel





We set off early the next morning into the centre of Bath to our second hotel of the week, the Hilton Bath City. We parked the car up for our stay and loved having our hotel right in the centre of everything. We dumped our bags and headed out for breakfast. By this point we were starving and headed into the first place we found, Bill’s. I have to say the service there was fantastic and really got our trip started off brilliantly!


That first day was spent exploring Bath, popping into the many lovely shops and staking out where we were going to have dinner that night! (I think this was one of the best parts of the trip for Mr Dotty!) Our first tourist attraction was The Fashion Museum and we spent a lovely hour looking at the fashions on display. Some of my favourites were this crochet dress,


and this embroidered court mantua from the 1760s.

Court Dress


Next we went for another explore and finally found The Makery! A lot of people had raved about The Makery as a crafty place to go and I loved looking at all the goodies in the small but perfectly formed shop! I would have loved the opportunity to take part in one of the many workshops they held. Instead I consoled myself with some crafty bits and bobs (see later in the week when I blog about my crafty happenings on our trip!)

The Makery


Our trip continued with a visit to Bath Abbey. It was interesting to walk around but I particularly enjoyed looking at The Bath Abbey Diptychs which are presentation of the life of Christ by Sue Symons. It was a mixture of lettering, decoration and needlework and I loved seeing how creativity like this can share a passion. No matter your beliefs it was something you could admire for its beauty.



Further exploring continued with a visit to the Fudge Factory where I got some delicious honeycomb and violet cremes. Yum!


After a rest in the hotel we headed out for dinner. We had passed Martini Ristorante several times during the day and the smells coming from it were divine so we chose this as our first dinner experience and my goodness did we make the right choice! They were quite busy so we were placed in their side dining area to begin with which was nice and private but it soon filled up! The staff were wonderful and we were very pleased with the service. For starters I had Mozzarella Infornata, a dish of baked buffalo mozzarella wrapped in parma ham with balsamic vinegar. I could have quite easily eaten this for every meal that week!


My main was Penne Toscana, Italian sausage simmered with vine tomatoes, red wine and rosemary. Again it was delicious and I will be aiming to recreate it home! Full and tired we spent some more time wandering and plotting our day the next day. Sadly we were disappointed with the bed that night as our bed was two singles pushed together, not what we expected and I woke up in the morning falling down the middle! Luckily we spoke to the hotel and they changed our room the next day but apart from that blip our first full day in Bath was wonderful!


Come back tomorrow (laptop permitting) where I will share some more of our trip to Bath! Thanks for reading!


Miss Dotty


p.s. sorry all photos were taken with my phone as I had lost my camera!


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