Adventures in Bath- Part 2

Hello all! I am back to share the last few days of our Bath trip so without further ado here we go!

We stayed in Bath until Friday afternoon and those last few days were spent wandering around Victoria Park, the Botanical Gardens, the Royal Crescent and the Roman Baths. I adore walking around the Cambridge University Botanical Gardens so it was interesting to walk around and compare.Bath Collage


The above images are a snapshot of our adventures. Bath truly is a glorious city! I loved walking around the Roman Baths and found the experience enhanced by the very informative audio guide which was supplemented by a commentary by the fantastic Bill Bryson. I immediately wanted to reread all his books again! The experience was so well put together and even though there was a lot of information it was put together seamlessly with the aid of video reconstructions and the actual artefacts to look at. If you have never been I highly recommend it! We also went out for dinner at Panasia, greatly decorated and nice food but we were stung by the Valentine’s Day effect which meant it was packed and service took ages.



We also went on the two open bus tours on offer, the city and the skyline tour. It was FREEZING but a really enjoyable way to see Bath. The wall coverings are from Coral Quay Fairtrade cafe where we feasted on a tasty cooked breakfast and admired the beautiful wall hangings. Here the service was again notably good and the cafe had a bright and airy atmosphere. The first of the small pictures depicts the gardens of the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. Mr Dotty, science nerd that he is, spent a happy what felt like hours looking at the equipment that Herschel himself used. The painting is of Queen Charlotte from our visit to the Holburne Museum and I fell in love with this painting. The colours were so vivid!


Sadly our trip to Bath came to a close and we headed to our final hotel on the outskirts of Bristol, ready to travel to the Forest of Dean the next morning. Our final few days were spent visiting Mr Dotty’s gran and we were surprised by the sheep above as we travelled to hers on Saturday morning. Her cottage is in a rural location and as well as the sheep we were in for a shock when we came home after dinner to find a stag munching on the seeds on the bird table outside her door. It was such a thrilling sight and what a powerful animal! Our last meal of the holiday was amazing. We went to The Ugly Duckling and I knew immediately I would love the restaurant when they served us garlic popcorn. I have a bit of an addiction to salted popcorn and I cannot wait to try and make a garlic version! It was lovely to sit down with Mr Dotty’s grandma and catch up on her news. However all talk stopped when our main courses arrived, mine was a ‘Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken Breast Wrapped in Prosciutto Ham’ and was very tasty. Sadly I cannot seem to upload the picture of that meal so you will have to imagine its gorgeousness!


The remainder of the weekend was spent chilling out, reading and working on my crochet scarf. After all the walking we had done that week it was nice to sit down and relax! In fact the whole week was a wonderful chance to get to spend time with Mr Dotty and I am very grateful to him for our trip away. And so that is how we end this tale of our adventures to Bath! Thank you for reading and come back during week to see some of my crafty purchases whilst away. Take care!


Miss Dotty



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