It was with great excitement that I saw a while ago some tweets between Rachel from OhNoRachio and Claire from Claireabellemakes about a blogger meet up in Cambridge. As the weeks went by more and more people said they were coming and finally on Saturday the day had arrived! It was a bright and sunny day as I left to meet up with butterfly_craft beforehand and we made our way to Ta Bouche where the meet up was going to start. Claire arrived and we quickly helped her set out the goody bags. Thank you to all the sponsors for their generosity and you can check out Claire’s blog post here to find out more about the sponsors. I was particularly pleased to add to my dotty collection with a ring from Claire and a cute little bag from Crafty Creatives. (Talking of Crafty Creatives check back later in the week when I share just how awesome Crafty Creatives are!)

Opening the goody bags


(sorry for the blurry image!)

People started arriving and we donned stickers with our names on and got chatting! It was so lovely to meet some new local bloggers and also those that had come from further afield! The staff at Ta Bouche were really friendly and I soon consumed two delicious berry smoothies and this tasty steak and chips with a peppercorn brandy sauce. Yum!




After chatter, photographs and food we went on a walk around Cambridge. A few shops were visited, more pictures taken and we took a quick peek into Trinity College.

photo (2)


Photo 2013-03-03 21.05.43

As you can see the sun was shining! I left the remaining ladies shortly after but if you check out the #CamBlogMeet hashtag I am sure they will be blogging soon and will share their versions of the day!

Thanks ladies!

Miss Dotty


11 thoughts on “CamBlogMeet

  1. dottycookie

    That sounds like so much fun! In fact I know it was fun because I was at another blog meet in London – with friends I’ve known for 5 years, all met through blogging. I had wanted to come to the CamBlogMeet – next time maybe!

  2. jmcvl

    It was such a fab day! You are a star for organising it- amazing. Was lovely to meet some bloggers in real life and have a giggle xx hope the rest of the day was just as fab!


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