New Filofax Set Up- Pennybridge A5

Ever since I have been knee high to a donkey I have always been on the quest for two things. The perfect handbag and the perfect organisational system. Over the years I have tried numerous Filofaxes, diaries, Moleskines, online systems and homemade planners. None have worked for long. My drawers are cluttered with half filled out diaries or Filofax inserts and my to do lists are strewn everywhere! However I have used the start of the holidays to start my grand organisation project.


1) Declutter and organise the house.

2) Find a planning system that works!

More on 1 tomorrow (just how do I organise all my craft clutter and teaching stuff?!) but today I want to share how I have set up my A5 Pennybridge. I have always been a fan of Filofaxes and part of my stationery geekiness has me regularly reading Filofax blogs looking for inspiration for the perfect set up. It was whilst reading some blogs that I saw people sharing the gorgeous A5 Holborn Zip. I completely fell in love with it (cue eye rolling from readers lol!) and so I searched around Cambridge (secretly knowing it was a bit above my budget but I wanted to see if it was as lovely in real life) but to no avail. Filofax and planner fans will know I am sure about the search for ‘one’ that will make everything work.


Holborn Zip, Personal Organisers

This is the personal sized. Image taken from Filofax UK


Instead of finding that I instead found the Pennybridge A5. Cheaper and purple, it had the zip I wanted so much. The Pennybridge is designed for those with iPads but I have adapted it slightly. So here is the tour! (apologies for the pictures, I still have to use my phone as a camera and the light is rubbish at the moment. Come on Spring!)


On the right is the space to slip your iPad in.


photo (6)


However I have instead used it to house my Moleskine week on a page diary. I love this diary so much and had been using it to record books read but instead thought I could use it as my day to day planner. When I don’t want to take my Filofax out and about I can just take this and still have my appointments with me.


photo (7)


I also have room for a little plastic wallet for stickers and post it notes!


photo (8)



The actual Filofax binder is fully removable so I can slip it out and work without the main binder itself being in the way.

photo (9)


At the front I have a year to view planner so I can see everything at a glance. This is a new way of working for me and I think it is great, why didn’t I do it before!

photo (10)

The actual Filofax diary inserts are now to be used as my to do lists. I used to have my appointments and to do list in one place but my to do lists get so large that everything was becoming confused so now it is separated out.

photo (11)

Then I have separate divided sections for personal stuff, school, WI etc to keep it all organised and in one place. And importantly I can move things about, get rid of things easily which helps in the organisation!

photo (12) photo (13)



And so that is it so far! I will probably keep tweaking for a while but at the moment I am feeling confident that this can work.

However if an A5 Holborn Zip appeared as if by magic…well it would be love instantly!

Do you use a Filofax? If so what size have you gone for? If not what do you use as a planner? Please share below!


Miss Dotty



15 thoughts on “New Filofax Set Up- Pennybridge A5

  1. dottycookie

    I mostly do my organisational stuff online – I have to use google calendar as my husband refuses to look at a wall planner. Fortunately I can do all that directly from my phone now.

    My children have now taken up the baton of stationery obsession. We have notebooks coming out of our ears!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      I have tried online but can never sustain it! I have recently got the Mr to start using our wall calendar (the hamster one) which is useful. Yay for passing on the stationery baton!

  2. IndigoBlue

    Firstly, I originally come form just outside Cambridge and bought my first filofax in decades from PaperChase there a couple of years ago. Blogging things get stuffed into it. I recently bought a Rasbery Finsbury as they are thinking of phasing out our teacher planners next year and I wanted to have plenty of time to sort this one out after some many years og notusing one. I had a cheap tatty black filofax at coillege which lasted for years and years. I will be honets that I really had my heart set on a Purple Malden A5 which is now dis-continued. But like you I can onky keep my eyes peeled and cheak out various sites. In the meantime I shall use my lovely Finsbury.

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Aww the purple Malden is gorgeous, a Malden is second on my list but I just love the Holborn! Thanks so much for sharing and I love you come from nearby! I love a good mooch around Paperchase!

  3. knitnrun4sanity

    I have no system at all! I simply cannot sustain anything. I have now tried to put it all on my phone – working so far…..(If you can solve the problem of storing teaching stuff do let me know!!)

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Just a phone worked well for a while but then failed miserably! I fear I shall never find the perfect teaching storage! But if I do I will let you know!

  4. claireabellemakes

    Great to see how you keep so organised. I used to have a small pink filofax but now have a week to view paper diary with a to-do list for each week. Then in a separate journal I have a to-do list for each day of the week and this is where I also keep my monthly budget and any random notes. Then I have another journal for business ‘to-dos’ and ideas and another for the EPIC LIST OF THINGS TO MAKE. Crossing stuff out in that one is super satisfying.

    Basically I just have many many lists. I tried an online calendar but I hated it. Paper all the way! The only thing I do keep on my phone is an app called ‘My Spending’ where I record every bit of money I part with. The craft supplies category is embarrassingly expensive, but it is good for highlighting where I can spend less.

    Loving the purple filofax, it is SO you xx

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks for the comment Claire and I agree, paper all the way! I do love notebooks and I know I will still have to use then in some way! That app sounds good, I might have to take a look at it!

  5. Ellen Boylin

    Hello Miss Dotty, so glad I read your Blog and now know it’s not just me that has lots of notebooks and paper….. I use the ‘Pocket’ size Filofax (it’s the bright pink one they did for Breast Cancer awareness), this was a present from a very generous friend but I do find it a bit small. I currently also use an A4 size diary but would also be lost without my A4 Daily Diary book were I list everything I need to do each day! My daughter thinks this whole process causes more stress when you don’t get to tick much off but without my daily list (both at home + work) I feel too disorganised! I should also say that over the Easter weekend, said daughter managed to upset hot tea over a pile of my paperwork…. talk about panic-stations……
    Hope the above makes some sense…..!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Ooh I have that one too and I agree, it is very small! Trying to think of a way to use it as it is so sweet. And oh no about the tea, did you manage to save everything? Thanks so much for the reply, I love hearing about other people’s systems!

  6. Angel Jemh

    I use a filofax for my personal diary and lists and a Domino for my teaching folder. I have my google calendar and online lists as well, but I need to see what I have to do to believe it. I love the colour of the Pennybridge!


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