Miss Dotty says…thank you (and why a gratitude list is great)

I am a very lucky Miss Dotty. On those grumpy days I will often write a gratitude list to show that actually life isn’t that bad. And little things happen that make me think how lucky I am. There are some people that keep a gratitude journal daily and I think that is such a positive way to go and something I would love to try.

But on to the purpose of this post. Today I want to show my gratitude and thanks to people over the past few weeks.

As some of you who follow me on Twitter may know just before Christmas my lovely Micra was written off as someone drove into the back of my car. I was parked at a red light and they just didn’t stop. I was shaken up and fine and my first thoughts were that the car was a little dented but looked like it would be fixable. So I put a claim in and my insurance company came to do an assessment of the car. A few days later I hadn’t heard anything so I gave them a ring and was told my car had been written off! Thanks for telling me lovelies! To cut a long story short it took weeks and the money I got for my car was not very much. During that time I was very grateful to my wonderful school who were amazingly supportive and my colleague H and Mr Dotty who gave me lifts to work when the hire car went back. But getting a new car meant I had to make some cutbacks money wise so I had to pull in the purse strings and save some money where I could. And here comes my first thank you.

One night after a lovely night out at a friends having dinner I arrived home to find a package waiting for me. A Crafty Creatives box. I had been enjoying their boxes of crafty goodies for a few months and reluctantly had to cancel so I was surprised to see it. When I opened it this was the message I saw taped to the front.

Craft Creatives Note

When I cancelled my subscription I joked on Twitter to Claire from Claireabellemakes that I bet the next box would be dots. The lovely Crafty Creatives ladies had obviously seen this tweet and yes the next box was dots! So they very kindly sent me the box as a gift with this little note. Now that is customer care and I want to thank you Crafty Creatives for your loveliness.

CC Dotty goodies

I cannot wait to renew my subscription, the boxes are packed with such lovely crafty goodies!

My other notes of thanks are much quicker you will be pleased to know! Firstly to Mum Dotty for this lovely necklace she got me as gift. It is so gorgeous and I will wear it with pride and as a reminder of how fab she is.



Secondly thank you to Claire who got me this card. I loved how she prefaced it with ‘I know it’s not your birthday but…’ Yes you are seeing this right. Dots AND hamsters! There is some debate over whether it is a hamster or guinea pig but the label on the back says hamster and that is what we are going with!



And finally thank you to family and friends, online and off who have listened to me going on about my crochet progress. ‘Yes!’ they must cheer when I post yet another picture of my crochet progress. Not.



Actually this is the finally. Finally thank you to all those people who offered their showers whilst our landlady gets our bathroom refitted. We really appreciate your offers of help.

So thank you for reading this snapshot of why I am grateful and want to say thank you to those around me.

Does anyone keep a gratitude journal or list? Do you have a special notebook? A section in your Filofax? Keep it within your regular journal? Please share in the comments below and feel to leave a link to your own blog posts on the subject!

Take care,


Miss Dotty



15 thoughts on “Miss Dotty says…thank you (and why a gratitude list is great)

  1. claireabellemakes

    Aaw it’s lovely to take the time out to be grateful! I am so pleased you got to enjoy the Crafty Creatives dotty box.

    I like the idea of writing what you are grateful for on a scrap of paper and then placing it into a jar. Then periodically emptying your jar and reading all the positive things.

  2. Hannah Ackroyd

    Aww how lovely to see the people around you are supporting you and what a fantastic gift from CC! It’s nice to see there are people out there who really care – blogging is such a great way to make some incredible friends!

  3. knitnrun4sanity

    This made me smile. Thanks for sharing. We are all so very quick to moan that it is really refreshing to read something showing just how kind people can be 🙂 I think your crochet is great and never apologise to anyone for sharing. We love it 🙂

  4. dottycookie

    It is lovely to realise there are lots of kindhearted people out there. I used to keep a gratitude journal – and it is a lovely idea – but am fairly useless at remembering to keep writing in it! One year I had my girls write on paper chain segments things that made them happy or that they were thankful for, and then we made them into decorations. That was fun!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      What a lovely idea and such a nice thing for you to do together! Thanks so much for the comment, I am going to try and remember to write something every day!

  5. Anna

    Sorry about your little Micra 😦 I have a Micra (she’s ten) and I’m very attached to her, but as a family we had another one years ago which got smashed up by another reckless driver and I was heartbroken at the time!
    Sometimes I write down three things I’m thankful for in my daily journal, and like Claire I use a jar, only I call mine my ‘happiness jar’ and pop inside all the good things that happen, so very similar. I won’t be looking at mine until the end of the year.
    Been loving seeing your crochet progress, you’re inspiring me to get going, I’m right behind you! x

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks Anna! Your poor Micra! I have had two now and love them. I only like the old style and we couldn’t find one when we were buying so I had to go with a Fiesta. Love the sound of your happiness jar! I can’t wait to see your crochet!


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