August Declutter Challenge



It’s the summer holidays!

My grand plan for the summer contains two things. Firstly get ahead on school work so that term time is less stressful. Secondly get all those household jobs done that term time madness does not allow. I find myself feeling overwhelmed by all the jobs I have to do and the summer holiday is the ideal chance to get things done, no excuses!

Now those that know me probably know I thrive on lists and so I thought in order to break down what seems a mammoth task, I would create myself an August Declutter Challenge. A small, manageable task for every day of August. I sneakily gave myself one catch up day and if one day I am away or super busy I can always catch up the next. I am not going to be too strict on myself. I am not going to stick to any particular order either.

So here is the list!

1) Junk drawers in kitchen
2) Food cupboard in kitchen
3) Baking cupboard in kitchen
4) Work Desk Drawers
5) Wardrobe- my clothes
6) Wardrobe- storage
7) Nightstand beauty drawer
8) Living Room Cupboard
9) Airing Cupboard
10) Garage floor
11) Garage shelves
12) Conservatory- gardening shelves
13) Fiction Bookcase
14) Non-Fiction Bookcase
15) Craft Bookcase
16) Nightstand clothes drawers
17) Kitchen crockery and dishes cupboard
18) Kitchen condiments cupboard
19) Magazines
20) Car
21) Kitchen Cleaning Equipment cupboard
22) Fridge
23) Living Room DVD stand
24) Bathroom
25) Paperwork
26) Bureau
27) Shoes
28) TV Stand
29) Teaching Folders
30) Conservatory- other shelves
31) Catch up day 😉
Wish me luck!
Have you got any summer projects on the go? I would love to hear about them!

16 thoughts on “August Declutter Challenge

  1. dottycookie

    Good idea to break it down. We have been decluttering but there’s nothing more dispiriting than trying to do too much at once – which is what I tend to do. I might steal and modify your list 🙂

  2. Hannah Ackroyd

    Oh wow, what a great idea! I desperately need to de-clutter! I have already looked through a lot of my stuff but I haven’t managed to get rid of a lot…I think I will have to go through it all again!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks Hannah! I am actually really looking forward to it as I know it is completely achievable! Good luck going through yours again.

      1. MissDotty Post author

        lol that does make it easier! We hope to move from renting to buying soon so I thought I would start the great declutter now!

  3. Ellen Boylin

    Morning, read your blog post yesterday but couldn’t reply as at work…. hence replying this morning! Love that list – I always do a daily list – both for work + home. The family think I’m mad and are convinced that, by doing this, I put myself under extra pressure but without my lists, I feel really disorganised. You’ve inspired me to try and do one little job each day in August too – will try and make another list of those jobs…..
    Have a good day and good luck with that list!

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Hi Ellen thanks so much for the comment! I don’t think I could manage without lists and have them for everything! List lovers unite! Good luck with your daily jobs for August and let me know how you get on!

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