Swap-Bot- Zombie Survival

I have written before about how much I love Swap-Bot and the mail I received today is an example of why I love it so much.


A while ago I signed up to an intriguing sounding swap where you wrote from the point of view of a zombie attack survivor. I have always loved (is that a good word to use?) films and books involving zombies but a letter swap, well I just had to sign up! I really enjoyed writing my letter to my partner (you don’t send to and receive from the same person) and I can tell that Sabrina from Canada enjoyed writing hers to me! Sabrina had become a Zombie Hunter Liason officer and in her letter she implored me to help the cause. To aid me in this she sent me the cutest (again a weird word to use in association with zombies!) little zombie survival kit! I am now in possession of a several resources that will help me in the event of a zombie attack!



I just adored the mini zombie record log! It brought back lovely memories of the Zombie Tea Party Mr Dotty and I went on with Miss Sue Flay!

Thank you so much Sabrina!

Have you received any interesting snail mail lately?


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