Friday Feel Good- 1

I absolutely adore it when I read a blog and see a list. It could be a list of things people have done that month, a list of things they are grateful for or even a list of their favourite popcorn flavours. Well maybe that last one is just something I would write? But it got me thinking about a having a ‘Friday Feel Good’ list of all those things that happen in life that are perhaps not big enough to warrant a blog post of their own but are nice to share. So here is a list of all the things that have made me happy this week!


Half Term Holidays (I love my job but a break is nice) — Spending the weekend by the coast with Mr Dotty and friends as part of a surprise weekend away — Mr Dotty taking two days off and spending some quality time with him — Seeing seals off the Norfolk coast — Going to London to meet up with two lovely friends from my time at Uni — Reading lots of books (my Agatha Christie love is still ongoing — David Suchet as Poirot — the anticipation of going to see the finished crochet plants that were created as part of a project I took part in with Cam City WI and Cambridge Botanical Gardens (I hear they look amazing and can’t wait to see them!) – my new Filofax dividers — meeting Cambridge friends Miss Sue Flay and Claireabellemakes for drinks and cake at Afternoon Tease — being inspired every day by real life and online people — Filofax pictures on Instagram — Classroom pictures on Instagram — sunshine and blue skies — a new journal — starting to house hunt, eek!

afternoon tease




Coffee and cake has featured a lot in my life this week!

What has made you feel good this week?

Miss Dotty



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