Snail Mail Sunday- January Week 1

Happy Sunday! Today I launch an occasional feature on the blog called Snail Mail Sunday in which I hope to share my incomings and outgoings on the letter front as well as other snail mail news and blog posts from around the internet. Over the past month work has been busy and so letter writing has been slow and so one of my goals for 2014 is to 1) keep more up to date and 2) keep a record of the letters I write and receive.


This lovely postcard arrived on Friday from the USA but I couldn’t see a name on it so I am not sure who to thank! So if it was you please leave a comment below!

letter January


This week I wrote a thank you note to Alison from LEP for her surprise Christmas card that I received over Christmas.

letter December

I also received a surprise card from Claire on LEP too so wanted to say thank you to her too. And also Anna from The Dusty Attic should be getting some letter love on the door mat too!

mail January

Other Snail Mail Bits and Bobs

I had shamefully never heard of the shop Tiger under my Teaching Assistant told me one was opening in Cambridge. Upon visiting I found lots of stationery goodies and thought I would share these lovely speech bubble stickers and envelope tags that I will soon be including in my letters. The envelopes are particularly cute!


I have also been ambitious and signed up for A Month of Letters in February, a challenge where you commit to sending mail 23 days in February. I can’t wait to start and send letters and postcards to penpals and friends.

Have you sent or received any nice snail mail this week? Have a good week!

Miss Dotty



6 thoughts on “Snail Mail Sunday- January Week 1

  1. Hannah Ackroyd

    Ooh I love the idea of the regular snail mail feature! I need to get back to sending more! The February challenge looks really good! I don’t know if I could afford to post 23 days though! I will ponder this…

    1. MissDotty Post author

      Thanks for the comment Hannah, I had been meaning to do it for a while and it will be a nice way to keep track of what I send and receive. As for the February yes cost is a worry but I take part in postal surveys so I get free stamps occasionally so that will help!

  2. Anna

    Ooh I’m looking forward to getting your letter 🙂
    I would love to write 23 letters a month but like Hannah says that would get pretty expensive. I have just signed up for PostCrossing though!
    Anna x


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