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Snail Mail Sunday- January Week 1

Happy Sunday! Today I launch an occasional feature on the blog called Snail Mail Sunday in which I hope to share my incomings and outgoings on the letter front as well as other snail mail news and blog posts from around the internet. Over the past month work has been busy and so letter writing has been slow and so one of my goals for 2014 is to 1) keep more up to date and 2) keep a record of the letters I write and receive.


This lovely postcard arrived on Friday from the USA but I couldn’t see a name on it so I am not sure who to thank! So if it was you please leave a comment below!

letter January


This week I wrote a thank you note to Alison from LEP for her surprise Christmas card that I received over Christmas.

letter December

I also received a surprise card from Claire on LEP too so wanted to say thank you to her too. And also Anna from The Dusty Attic should be getting some letter love on the door mat too!

mail January

Other Snail Mail Bits and Bobs

I had shamefully never heard of the shop Tiger under my Teaching Assistant told me one was opening in Cambridge. Upon visiting I found lots of stationery goodies and thought I would share these lovely speech bubble stickers and envelope tags that I will soon be including in my letters. The envelopes are particularly cute!


I have also been ambitious and signed up for A Month of Letters in February, a challenge where you commit to sending mail 23 days in February. I can’t wait to start and send letters and postcards to penpals and friends.

Have you sent or received any nice snail mail this week? Have a good week!

Miss Dotty



Blogging on the International Geek Girls Penpal Club Blog



Phew that title was a mouthful! This is just a post to say I written a blog post for the lovely IGGPPC team all about stationery! Check out this link to read about how I deal with letter writing on the move!

In other news school has restarted woohoo so I am getting to know my new class and trying hard to stay organised and ahead of myself! How are you?

Kelly Dotty

Swap-Bot- Zombie Survival

I have written before about how much I love Swap-Bot and the mail I received today is an example of why I love it so much.


A while ago I signed up to an intriguing sounding swap where you wrote from the point of view of a zombie attack survivor. I have always loved (is that a good word to use?) films and books involving zombies but a letter swap, well I just had to sign up! I really enjoyed writing my letter to my partner (you don’t send to and receive from the same person) and I can tell that Sabrina from Canada enjoyed writing hers to me! Sabrina had become a Zombie Hunter Liason officer and in her letter she implored me to help the cause. To aid me in this she sent me the cutest (again a weird word to use in association with zombies!) little zombie survival kit! I am now in possession of a several resources that will help me in the event of a zombie attack!



I just adored the mini zombie record log! It brought back lovely memories of the Zombie Tea Party Mr Dotty and I went on with Miss Sue Flay!

Thank you so much Sabrina!

Have you received any interesting snail mail lately?

Sunday Summary – 7th July

Afternoon all! How are you on this lovely weekend? I hope that if you are in the UK you are enjoying the summer sunshine as much as me! I thought I would share a little ‘Sunday Summary’ for you and am thinking of making this a regular feature to share Filofax, stationery, letter writing and journaling bits as well as some of my weekly adventures in real life. What do you think?

Weather- Well I certainly cannot complain about the sun currently shining can I? How glorious! I hope wherever you are the sun is just as lovely, it really brightens the mood. The week however started off a little differently as I took my lovely class on a trip to Hunstanton. It stayed dry but it was chilly and very breezy. Eating our sandwiches was a fun occasion! The cold obviously didn’t stop us gazing at the ice-creams as we walked past.





Reading- This week has been a busy week, staying at work until late so most of my reading has been news websites and blogs as I haven’t had the energy to read. Bad book lover. I did start ‘The Long Earth’ by Stephen Baxter and Terry Pratchett. I love anything by both so this has been something I have been looking forward to.



Writing- Apart from reports I managed a little writing at Cam City WI’s creative writing night. It was an interesting look at how objects can inspire writing. I took a letter from a penpal I had all those years ago in primary school. I also started a new Moleskine journal, it is amazing how a certain type of journal can just fit. I have had a bit of journaling lull but since starting the Moleskine I have been writing like a mad woman! I have also been keeping organised in my Personal Holborn Filofax. I am so totally in love with it. She is becoming a little full though so I need to have a rethink.

Holborn Filofax

Letters- After a few weeks of minimal letter writing due to assessment marking and report writing, this week I started catching up on some snail mail. Always a joy!letters and postcards


The postcards were swap-bot thank you notes and one letter was for #Postcircle and one for Anna @walkthedust on Twitter and from the Postal Society. Sorry for the delay Anna!

Inspired by- I have been loving reading stationery related blogs lately (Filofax bloggers are awesome!) and have continued to be addicted inspired by Instagram and Pinterest. I have also enjoyed seeing my little container garden grow and here is a sneak peek at some of my little tomatoes. I nearly have some strawberries ready!




How has your week been? Please share in the comments below, I would love to know what you have been up to!

Kelly Dotty






Some things that happened in May

Yes I know that May hasn’t really finished yet but I just wanted to share some things that have been going on over the last month as I am eager to get started with June! I am really looking forward to the summer months ahead!

So back to May then. May has been a weird month, at the time it went slowly but looking back I feel where did it go? I couldn’t believe it when in a conversation with some staff at school someone commented on it only being a week or so until half term. What we had just gone back surely! But no half term was looming meaning not long with my class of lovelies. But that’s a whole other post!


I was lucky enough to get a place on the Cambridge Botanical Gardens crochet project run with Cam City WI and it was my first meeting in May. Now as many of you know I am a beginner at crochet (I still can’t talk and crochet otherwise I lose my place) but some lovely ladies were very patient with me and helped me make a start! Check out this blog post for some more details about the project. I have joined the group making the one that looks like sausages. And here it is in real life!


I won’t post my attempts yet hohum, maybe when they are a little better:)


Yes I have also started running! A group of lovely ladies (I am so lucky to know lots of lovely ladies!) and I have joined forces to begin running/ get back into running and our super coach is Michaela. We are only in the beginning weeks but it has been inspiring and I love our Sunday sessions! My target is to run a 5k to raise money for the hospice who cared for my nan in her last days. They were amazing and I will be eternally grateful for what they did for our family. Plus I need to get fit!


Bank Holiday Adventures

The obligatory BBQ, too much food and lots of lovely sunshine. Plus a hello from the Red Arrows. OK maybe not a personal hello but you know what I mean!

Red Arrows

This was followed the next day by a lovely walk around Wandlebury with Mr Dotty. He took his camera to get some photos of the emo cows we saw last time but sadly we didn’t come across them. One of my favourite things is walking through the woods and, even though it was busy, we managed to wander away from the crowds. As a result  we could hear the breeze going through the trees and savour the solitude. It’s always funny how I get inspired to write whilst out walking so I scribbled away some story ideas to work on. Maybe it is a result of the lack of distractions?




Rainbows have shown up on two significant days this month.


This double rainbow appeared on the day my Grandma died and I was doing the drive on the way back to Cambridge from the hospice. The second rainbow appeared on the evening Mr Dotty and I travelled down before her funeral. I don’t hold any specific significance about the appearance, it was just a lovely thing to occur and made me stop the car and have a few moments of thought. The second appearance heralded a mini lecture from Mr Dotty about why and how rainbows occur. My little science geek!

And obviously there has been lots of letter writing, journaling, great days at school etc!

How has your May been? Are you looking forward to anything in June? Please share in the comments below!



Outgoing Post

New term nerves set in today so I have been having a sort and writing some letters. Perfect therapy! In the pile is a postcard to a new German penpal who I was partnered with in a swap on swap-bot. This weeks theme was a postcard from where you live and last week was a favourite recipe. I enjoyed writing that one! If you haven’t tried Swap-Bot yet I really recommend it! Great swaps for all types of crafts, journals and letters!