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Musings and 33 things


Bristol viewMr Dotty are spending the first few days of half term on a mini break to Bath and Bristol. I am currently sat in our Bristol hotel room with a glass of wine, gazing out of the huge window at the river below and musing over the past few months. January and the start of February have been a little bit hectic, culminating in a visit from Ofsted a couple of weeks ago. Those who know me will know I have been obsessing over their visit from September (and I want to thank those people for their patience and loveliness over recent months) and now it has come and gone it has been a time to take stock, recharge and reflect. And muse. As I am sat here looking at the people going by below I am reminded of a list I made back in January just before my 33rd birthday, 33 things to achieve before I am 34. Writing that makes me feel a little strange, when did I get to 33? It also made me realise how important it is to get started on all those things in life I want to do and achieve. So below is my list and I cannot wait to see how I do before I hit 34 in January next year!

33 before 34 (in no particular order)

1- Learn how to do calligraphy properly.

2- Go to the British Library.

3- Buy a house with Mr Dotty.

4- Find an exercise I enjoy and stick at it.

5- Write for at least 5 minutes every day.

6- Crochet a blanket.

7- Keep a log of every book I read.

8- Keep a record of letters sent and received.

9- Get a new hairstyle.

10- Make my own handbag.

11- Run 5k.

12- Get more sleep.

13- Visit one new place a month- locally and nationally (vague but boils down to just get out more!)

14- Read a shelf of books from my TBR bookcase.

15- Read at least one classic book a month.

16- Find a dress I love (I never wear dresses!)

17- Organise my photos.

18- Keep a regular blog schedule.

19- Save a set amount each month.

20- Visit V&A in London

21- Take part in a read-a-thon.

22- Plan more meals in advance.

23- Go to a supper club.

24- Have a facial.

25- Share some journal stories from other people on Miss Dotty Loves.

26- Take Mother Dotty away somewhere new.

27- Learn a new craft.

28- See my friends more.

29- Make my own bread.

30- Become smarter with my time.

31- Get a bike.

32- Meet my personal health and fitness goals.

33- Have more fun!

As you can see some are very specific (and small) and some are a little more vague. But all are ones I am so excited to meet. So see you back here on the 23rd January 2015 to see how it all went!

Miss Dotty