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Hamster of the Month- A catch up!

Well I have been a very remiss blogger. The start of the new school year has been manic with getting to know my lovely new class as well waiting for visitors who shall not be named. However Miss Dotty Loves has always been on my mind and I am planning to have a great catch up over the next month so I can start the new year fresh. So the first outstanding order of business is Hamster of the Month! This post concludes the Hamster of the Month series and I have really enjoyed sharing this with you. Thank you for playing along with my love for these cute critters, you have been incredibly sweet! The good news is that we are searching for a house to buy (no luck yet though) which means soon the updates could be a real life hamster! However more about house hunting in another post as well as telling you all about our trip to Brighton, my crafty and stationery updates (including Journal Your Christmas 2013 and 30 Days of Lists) as well as some book reviews.   October Hamster

November Hamster


December Hamster

Goodbye sweet hamsters…


Miss Dotty



Hamster of the Month – September

I’m sorry, September? I think I am saying this everything month but wow this year is zooming! Today draws the end of my summer holidays which have been lovely and low key. Over the next few days I will share some of my summer adventures and day trips(and maybe sneak in some pictures of my classroom!) but for now I will leave you with the summer loving hamster of the month!


Hamsters and Cybher


Hello, in all the excitement of Cybher I didn’t get chance to share Hamster of the Month. I’m sorry I know you must have been sat eagerly hitting refresh all day yesterday!

Talking of Cybher it was fantastic! I learnt so much and met some super people. I have already started doing some housekeeping on the blog with a new header and a cleaned up sidebar. I have more planned as well as some super ideas for the blog. I am so excited and I will be posting a bit more about it soon!

How are you? What have you been up to? I’ve been on half term and feel very chilled!

Kelly Dotty